How to Install and Download the 64-Bit Version

Microsoft has revised their guideline from September 2018, and they encourage the 64-bit version for This is a starting from the 32bit direction Microsoft gave earlier. Microsoft first declared a 64-bit version of the MS Office suite in June 2010; they directly informed the users and organizations not to install. The cost was not the issue behind it but one of the main issues was of characteristics or security; they were completely the same as the 32-bit version.  Also, a 64-bit version was only compatible with the system running on a 64-bit operating system and in 2010, and about 90% of systems worked on a 32-bit version of Windows.

But, from now Microsoft shows that the 64-bit versions of MS Office suite will work respectably better than their 32-bit equivalents and it will help them who are working on:

  • Really large graphics in PowerPoint Presentation
  • MS Access with Large Data Type
  • MS Project files that are 2GB+ in size

How to Create Office My Account?

If you are a new user and you do not have an existing Microsoft user account, or if you wish to create a new one, then go through the steps mentioned below and make your Office My Account:

  • In the web browser, Visit the official website
  • Click on the option of Sign up Now, to sign up.
  • Go to the Create an account page, and fill up the form.
  • Enter your name, i.e. unique username, and finally add a password to secure your account.
  • You can also get a new e-mail address if you do not want to merge your existing account with your Microsoft account.
  • After typing in the correct Captcha, click on the option of Create an account.
  • Go to the inbox and Open the verification mail and click on the verification link.

Now, you will be able to enjoy all the perquisites of Office My Account. Ensure that you keep your password secure and do not share it with others.

Some of the MS Office versions released in the twenty-first century are: Office 2016, Office 365, Office 2007, Office 2013, and Office 2003. Microsoft Office 2019 will launch in 2018. The most recent MS Office suite consists of the following:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a broad and comprehensive word processing app which works on Mac OS and Windows platforms. Documents can be edited, collaborated, and shared readily on Word.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide-show software or program which has impressive effects and features. Audio and video files can also be added in the slides. If you have to make a presentation for your school or Office, then use MS PowerPoint.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheets application which consists of the visual tools, calculator, pivot charts, and several other tools which make analysis and calculation easier. It is made up of endless rows and columns.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook makes e-mail a lot easier. It has fantastic features which make composing, receiving, sending, and drafting emails easier. Moreover, Microsoft keeps adding new tools and features to this email client.

Microsoft Publisher

This desktop-based publishing software is available for Windows platforms. Individuals can create professional looking notices, brochures, circulars, newsletters, print advertisements, invitation cards, and other print media with Publisher.

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