The US is Warned by Huawei to Hurt Itself with Tough Tech Policy

The US is Warned by Huawei to Hurt Itself with Tough Tech Policy

Senior management for Chinese technology giant Huawei basically said on Thursday that he hopes the hostility of the company with the United States will be completely resolved and warned that the US will be shelling itself in the foot if it were to turn away from Chinese technology.

Vice-president of Huawei, Mika Lauhde, for complete privacy and cyber-security, told The Associated Press that he basically hopes for quite a positive resolution of the confrontation with the US government and added that his business is not the nucleus of the problem, pointing to the wider trade war problem that is between the US and China.

The US has forced sanctions next to the world’s No. 1 network provider of the equipment and second-largest maker of the smartphone, in a conflict that it is legally obliged to the Chinese government that could use the products of the company for cyberespionage. Huawei denies these blaming.

Lauhde told the AP that the generally the US would be driving itself into a place in the corner if it were to sever all of the ties with Huawei and other technology companies of China.

If they are disconnecting themselves from everyone, that is basically going to happen vice versa as well, he said in a report, alluding to possible reaction of China.

Some experts of cyber-security say that Washington, by going as far as word of warning other countries alongside working with Huawei actions, will only further cheer China to become a lot more technically independent and will be separating the world into two large tech camps.

Lauhde discarded proposal of a full split in the industry of tech.

I do not believe that we would basically be establishing two dissimilar camps, he told the AP. I still consider that we are working as one.

All the technical ties between Russia and China, for one, are growing. The major mobile operator of Russia MTS and Huawei on Wednesday basically announced a deal to together develop 5G networks in Russia. Chinese and Putin President Xi Jinping attended the large ceremony at the Kremlin.

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