Gmail to soon uphold Dynamic Feature and Dark Mode

Gmail to soon uphold Dynamic Feature and Dark Mode

One of the largest world’s e-mail service providers, Google is about to launch a dynamic feature for its Gmail users on July 2. This specification is currently available for Gmail’s Beta individuals. It can be officially launched from July 2. Through this dynamic feature or specification, individuals will be able to take direct action from inside the message. These actions include specifications such as Questionnaire Catalog or Filling, RSVP, Response of an Event, Browsing. This way your Gmail will be more collaborative.

Google has informed about the launch of this dynamic specification or feature, giving information through its authorized blog. Google has also collective a GIF image related to this dynamic feature in its blog. This blog also states that instead of sending multiple e-mails to any e-mail, the individuals will be able to complete through a single comment. This feature or specification will work just like Google Docs.

This feature or specification is currently available only to G-suite users. This feature will be available for all individuals from July 2. However, if you want G Suite Administrator, you can also disable this specification or feature for any individual. At present, the Dynamic E-Mail feature or AMP is available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera web browsers, and Safari. Now, this feature will also be accessible through the iOS, Android devices, or a Gmail app.

In addition to the Google Dynamic e-mail feature, Gmail Confidential method is rolling out to its G-suite individuals. This feature or specification will be rolled out to G Suite users on June 25. With this specification, individuals will be able to e-mail the Confidential.

Dark Mode

The latest version of APK of Gmail comes with a dark mode. The specifications, however, is not constant and are only available in Settings. Still, in early stages, Google is expected to improve the specification and give individuals a toggle to use the dark mode.

Prior to Gmail, Google has already rolled out dark mode for youtube and Chrome. It has also rolled out the feature for Google Drive and Keep applications. It’s worth noticing that Google is adding system-wide dark mode with its Android Q update.

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