Drastic Change in Season 3 for Legendary Backpacks in Apex Legends

Drastic Change in Season 3 for Legendary Backpacks in Apex Legends

The anticipated season 3 for apex legends is coming near and it is expect to throw out some of the drastic overhauls in game play. The release date of October 1 has arrived and information pertaining to the apex legends season 3 has been oozing out. There have been many revelations made about the game. Many new weapons and attachments have been added and an overview of the map has also been exposed. The community of apex legends has uncovered some of the latest intels into the game that had stayed under the covers. For instance in a video uploaded by the users named jack frags an item modification was seen by the user named shiroineko22.

Legendary Backpack Effect

At the very end of this video the legendary backpack gets under limelight. In the earlier seasons of the game the backpack was very much in demand equipment as it was able to reduce the healing time for the items. This time the developers have made new adjustments but have taken out the bonafide effect as it has been uprooted. Recovering the squadmates seems like a tedious task at hand in the mid of a crusade, although the backpack effect has been incentivized. It is somehow uncertain as there is no specific clarity on the significance of the bonus health.

New Vaults and Loot Stashes

However, the quick healing advantage will be available on the body shield. There is a theory that states there will 15 interest points featured in the world’s edge which is the new map in apex legend’s Season 3. It was also declared that vaults will be spread across the new terrain, where each of these will be having a stash of epic loot which will only be further accessible via cargo bots who will dropping the keys.

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