What Are The Steps To Create Floor Plans In Microsoft Visio?

What Are The Steps To Create Floor Plans In Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio is one of the lesser-known software application that comes in the office.com/setup program. It allows one to create flow charts, organizational charts, and floor plans, along with process diagrams and maps. Visio also provides object stencil sets, which comprise heating elements, plumbing, and electrical elements and structural walls, to name a few. You can read about the steps for creating floor plans in Visio below.

 Steps For Creating Floor Plans

  • Start by opening the application and click the tab named file. Further, choose the option named new and select the floor plan that appears in the section of floors and map plans. You can choose from a wide array that you see in the column of shapes. It also comprises of stencils that are categorized.
  • There are elements of the floor plan, which include the furniture windows and doors and walls. Here you can choose the tab of wall, structure, and shell. This will create exterior walls. Look for different shapes of the room that suits your requirement.
  • Click on the shape for dragging it onto your page. Resize it by dragging on the icons of adjustments that appear on the border. You can add many rooms that are required and resize accordingly. You can choose the walls from the tab of structures to introduce walls for the interior of the rooms.
  • Structural elements can be added to the floor plan; you can drag and drop the required elements. Columns are found under the tab of wall, shell, and structure. Stairs are found in the tab of building core. You can introduce the windows and doors from the wall shell and structure tab.
  • Dragging the doors and windows will replace the area with a door and window opening. Other elements can also be introduced from different tabs, including office furniture and telecom. You can also choose the electrical tab to add some elements from it. When done with these steps, you can click on the save tab for saving the floor plan.

It is easy to introduce elements for creating a floor plan in Microsoft Visio. The Visio is an application available in the www.office.com/setup program.

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