Quick ways to Setup the Microsoft Office

Quick ways to Setup the Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is one tool that is used by millions around the globe, in order to get a licensed status for your office.com/setup product, here’s how you can activate your copy of Microsoft office.

Log in to MS office via a registered account

When you have already bought a license for your own copy of office.com/setup and also if you have decided to re-install the program onto your system or a new device, you do not need a product key, simply you can log in to office via your registered account with Microsoft, the Office will identify your licenses and display all of them on your monitor screen, you can choose from them if you have purchased several licenses.

You can proceed to activate the office.com/setup as follows:

  • Launch the application you want to work on and go to file and choose the account option and further you can see an option that says product activation. You can click on that.
  • A dialog box also appears and will ask you to sign in, in case you haven’t done the first step.
  • You can now input the necessary details related to your account which are linked to your Microsoft Office license.

Entering the product key

  • The product key comes with the package when you purchase the office.com/setup, you can proceed to attach the product key to your registered account and after that, you can log in to your account.
  • You can log in to office.com/setup and now you can further mention or input the 25 digit product key code, as after signing it will ask you to enter the product key
  • You can follow the guidelines and enter the necessary information that is related to you, it will later direct you to a dialog box that says install on pc, you can choose the product you activated and tap install to further download the configuration.
  • Launch the configuration for installing the MS Office onto the device, a dialog box might ask you to sign in again, you can proceed to do that.
  • Now the dialog box appears for activation of MS office, this pop up is an instructional wizard that has a few options that ask you if you wish to activate using the internet or you want to activate office.com/setup via a telephonic call.
  • You can select the next tab and proceed to activate the program if you do not do so at that moment, then it offers 29 more days before the trial period for using the software expires, and after that, this wizard or dialog box will again pop up when you open the application program.

It is easy to activate the office.com/setup, but in case you are facing some issues you can always see the helpful pages over the internet, and if that doesn’t help you can always contact our customer support team that is available 24/7 to help you resolve issues you are currently dealing with. You can just give a call to our team of trained specialists and they can guide you with easy and understandable instructions.

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