Migration Errors of Office 365 and Steps for Troubleshooting

Migration Errors of Office 365 and Steps for Troubleshooting

Office 365 and Exchange server are generally both complex products so to start connectivity and transfer your mailboxes it is probably not astounding that errors can actually occur. We take a look at some of the common migration errors of Office 365 you may see during or when setting up your migration of mailbox to Office 365 using Exchange Web Services that are based products.

With any form of migration of mailbox, the first errors that you are most likely to come across are initial connection issues when linking to your source and destination servers of email, and whilst Exchange Web services migrations are probably the most difficulty free migration method which we still see a few problems. For further information, you can visit office.com/setup.

Connection Problems:

Exchange Web Service as its name suggests needs access of the web to establish a safe connection between the destination and source services. This service is always available on Microsoft office 365 and generally available on most installations of Microsoft Exchange.

On the destination with Microsoft office 365, this is relatively straight forward using office but the servers of the source, unless Microsoft office 365 as well, things can be a bit more complex.

The majority of connection problems we see are related to error when entering information. A cut and pasted URL can basically have a space character by accident in front or behind of it or a comma as a substitute of a dot are forms that are common and can delay progress while the problem is inaccessible. Also, user permissions with deficient or no rights to access a server of mail can equally delay development. We suggest using two different methods to ensure you are in the correct place and connecting with the right permissions and consequently reduce time spent with any Microsoft office 365 migration troubleshooting.

The particular object was not found in the respective store:

The mailbox may have been concealed from the List of Global Address. This can generally be checked if you have access to the administrator to the computer system by checking the advanced tab of Exchange within Active Directory computers and multiple users.

If you do not have access of administrator, you can check if the user is completely hidden by properly searching within the Global address book from one more user account or by using outlook or webmail. If the user is concealed it will not appear when you start the search.

This particular error may also occur if there is a folder containing a character of backslash. In this particular case, replace the character of backslash with something different for instance a dash.

Management accounts used for the migration with inadequate privileges may also cause this particular error.

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