How to Use Outlook and Microsoft Office 365 with a VPN?

How to Use Outlook and Microsoft Office 365 with a VPN?

Office 365 individuals have noticed issues linking to Outlook and the Office cloud while the VPNs are active. Our individuals reported ongoing issues when trying to use their Office apps and One Drive when attached to a VPN.

This is one of the ongoing issues with some of the VPN clients. It’s particularly frustrating if, like many individuals in 2018, you store your professional and personal files in the cloud.

During our in-house tests, we also had problems linking to the cloud with some VPNs.  There doesn’t seem to be an issue with other cloud services. We reached out to Microsoft support to see if they plan on fixing the matter in the future.

However, we had not any issues linking to other cloud services with a VPN connection. Nor have we found any significant individual reports of similar issues with other cloud services, which suggest the issue is with Microsoft.

How to make use of Microsoft One Drive with a VPN?

Remember that that better VPNs provide money-back guarantees for new individuals. Many also offer free trials. You can test how the Office cloud works with the VPN before you commit to a longer contribution.

  • Sign up for a VPN with a reputation for allowing easy access to Office Cloud. For this, we will use NordVPN as an example.
  • Sign up for a subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee of NordVPN free trial.
  • Download the VPN app to your device and launch.
  • Uses the button of Quick connects to attach to the fastest server depending on your location.
  • Launch Office and go to One Drive.
  • Browse through your files as normal

Work remotely and securely

One Drive, Microsoft Office, and other apps don’t seem to work with all VPNs. This is an issue if you want to work remotely and securely.

We suggest the following workarounds:

  • Use a VPN that has a reputation for connecting to Microsoft Office 365 with a VPN cloud services and One Drive. We recommend Cyber Ghost and Nord VPN on our tests and individual reports.
  • Try before you purchase! One of the best things about the 30-day money-back guarantees provided by better VPN providers is that you can try out the product before you consign. Download and launch the VPN you want to sign up for and test that it works with Microsoft Office and One Drive.
  • If you are having a problem connecting to the Outlook app – you can always use the in-browser version.

Here at VPN Mentor, we are committed to troubleshooting, testing, and reviewing how VPN providers work with products and which are best for particular needs.

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