Easy Methods For Modifying The Themes In Microsoft Office Documents

Easy Methods For Modifying The Themes In Microsoft Office Documents

Microsoft office is a famous software package that provides provisions for creating documents and making attractive presentations. Countless users benefit from using the office.com/setup package. With the help of word, excel, and powerpoint, you can easily compute tasks at a much faster rate. There are some methods one can implement for changing the themes while working on the official documents.

You Can Read About These Methods In The Instructions Given Below

  • start by opening any application of the office program installed on your computer. you can do this by double-clicking the shortcut icon of the application and launching it. For instance, you can open the excel application or word or powerpoint.
  • you will see a blank page or a new document on your screen once the software loads. you can also choose the program you want to open by clicking the program list of the office program by clicking on the start tab.
  • After this, you can go ahead and choose the file tab that appears at the upper corner of the screen in the toolbar. Further click on the options tab from the menu named file. you will find the options tab on the bottom left-hand side of the menu. Locate the options panel for customizing the settings in the office settings area.
  • A window will pop up on your monitor display, showing the options associated with customization. At this moment you will be inside the tab named general. you can choose from the themes that appear by clicking on the drop-down menu of office theme. you can see it below the heading that states personalize your office copy.
  • Different combinations of the themes can be applied; however, these themes can vary depending on the version you are using of the office program. the colors range from light grey to white and dark grey. Once you have selected, you can click on the ok tab.

it is very simple to modify the themes in www.office.com/setup applications. you can follow the instructions listed above.

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